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Are You Focussed Singly?

Where are you?

By Bro. N. Daniel

“And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, where art thou?” (Genesis 3:9).

Where art thou? That’s the question God is asking us today. Adam tried to answer that question in an evasive way. God wants straight answers from us. Oh, man, where art thou? Your answer is going to mean damnation or salvation. Are you proceeding in the right direction or in the wrong?

You cannot walk in two paths at the same time. You cannot have two minds and two different answers to a straight question like this. Some Christians dillydally with Christ. They miss the way and finally blame God. “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8). A friend asked me a serious question: “Daniel, is your eye single?” Ah! I examined myself carefully if I had in any way come to serve God with a double motive. How many precious souls are ruined by not being single-eyed! My heart is bleeding for them. If you always think in positive terms, that is faith. Jesus Christ was never double-minded. He is always single-eyed. “Lazarus come out”—that is positive. “Talitha cumi [Little girl, I say to you, arise!]”—that is positive! “I will abide in your house today!”—everything here is positive. If you really mean business with God, God will mean business with you. Can you put your whole trust in Him? Then you will see the glory of God.

My great longing is that we should be like the first-century Christians. What Christ will give us is a single eye. He will teach you and lead you to God. When I was first converted, God taught me and directed me. How well He led me! When I obeyed Him, I found success all around. Not even a stone would strike against my foot without God’s will. Once when I was going to a certain place a stone struck my foot. I asked the Lord the reason. He said, “Turn back.” There was another road which parted from this road which I had taken and I went along that road. Then I came by a hospital where I was told that a certain friend of mine was very sick there. I went to him and prayed for him and God healed him. See the dealings of the Lord! Four thousand years ago when Abraham talked with Him and walked with him, God was so concerned about him to commune with him about everything that concerned him. Do mean business with God. If your heart is after the world and the pleasures of the world, the path of Christ is quite difficult for you.

Are you entirely on Christ’s side? When I was a student, my mother fell and broke her ribs. There was no hope of her recovery because she had to be taken by boat over a river to reach a hospital and moving her ever so slightly caused excruciating pain. But I whole-heartedly looked to Christ and said, “From the Cross you said, ‘Take care of my mother’. Now my mother is suffering. Please undertake for my mother.” I simply cried out with all my heart. I heard later that there was a sound of bone touching bone and she just got up and began to walk. Overnight God had united those bones!

Where are you? Are you single-eyed? Will you be His out and out? So many families are miserable. You have the privilege of college education. You can be used of God to help them. But where are you today? In what direction are you moving? Go along the way of life which Christ will show you. You will be a cistern of water for thirsty people to drink from. People will see that. Are you willing? Which direction are you taking? Follow Christ and allow Him to be your Master. Are you going in the positive direction of love, faith, holiness, humility and righteousness? Then you will not fail. I wanted to follow Him and choose to be single. But God told me many things that were in His plan and warned me of things not in His plan and I did just what He said. God said, “Marry the girl I show you.” I simply obeyed. By His grace, all these years have been years of victorious life in the family. It is Christ who is the Way.

Bro N. Daniel (1900 - 1963): Father of the Great Revival in India, 1942 - 1963

Founder of the Laymen's Evangelical Fellowship

When he was a student in University, Daniel used to go out to a remote solitary place and pray for hours, every night. He never missed his daily prayer time on account of rains or floods. He used to spend his entire vacations in prayer in the beaches and on preaching tours, After graduation, he choose the teaching profession.He worked as a teacher in the Mclaurin High school, Kakinada. In 1935, he and his wife resigned their jobs and moved to Chennai to start a home for unemployed Christian graduates without the support of any organization depending on God for all their finances. From 1942 onwards, he began to hold revival meetings in Churches all over south India. A mighty revival broke out. The spirit of God fell upon people so powerfully that the floors of the churches and halls were drenched with tears of people weeping loudly for their sins. Men, women and children confessed their sins to their parents, brothers, sisters, teachers and neighbors. Pastors publicly confessed their sins and hardened Criminals broke down like little children under the power of God and made public confession of their sins and made restitution's. Children returned the things that they had stolen to their owners.

Drunkard's bootleggers, smokers and men given to immorality were instantly delivered from decades of addictions. The dead were raised the blind saw, the deaf heard and the lame walked. Prayer group sprang up everywhere and the new converts many of whom were criminals and wicked men began to preach the Gospel with mighty power and heal the sick and cast out demons.

Hundreds of people saw Jesus Christ in the homes. Scorpions which were common in villages stopped biting the people . The revival fanned a mighty spiritual movement the Laymen's Evangelical Fellowship. Bro Daniel molded this moment into a organized Interdenominational Church were tens of thousands of people were nurtured spiritually and raised up soul winners. The Fellowship became a spiritual home to thousands of people. A study of revival history clearly indicates that this revival was the greatest revival in history since 18th century revival in England under John Wesley.

This revival is unique in the history of the world for having the longest span in time.

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